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P2P - A Deer Industry initiative

New Zealand’s five major venison marketing companies, the New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association and Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) have agreed to work together to transform the New Zealand venison industry. This 7-year programme has been named Passion2Profit (P2P) to reflect the passion of the industry for deer and venison, as well as the need for all involved in the industry to make greater profits. 

Where are we now?
What was Passion2Profit?
Why was P2P needed?
Marketing Premium Venison
Market-led production
Other elements will include
What will it cost?
The expected benefits
How did P2P operate?
Progress review - 2018
Management for profit

More resources

A growing library of convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheets on ways to boost deer farm productivity and profit is being published as part of the P2P programme. To download your own copies, click on the below links.

Feed calculation tools

Check out the tools in the Feeding section of this website:

  • Feed calculation tools: For measuring and managing feed for deer.
  • Forage rotation planner: If a paddock needs replacing, use this forage planner as a guide to the options that are available, click here >>
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