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Handling Wapiti

The basics of good deer handling apply to all species of deer, i.e. good stock sense, plenty of patience, and good observance to deer temperament, behaviours and stress levels. Details can be found in the mustering section >>
However, Wapiti deer have some behavioural idiosyncrasies that differ to the Red deer species.

See the Elk Wapiti website for some great information on handling Wapiti animals.

Key points

The key to owning a deer herd of well-behaved animals with good temperament is to:

  • Actively select animals based on behaviour and temperament, cull aggressive or dangerous ones.
  • Start handling animals when they are very young. Deer become used to the routine of being handled, and it is a form of training. It is very important to start this training/handling process with procedures that are not unpleasant. See age issues for tips on this >>
  • Identify those animals that are the 'trouble makers' in the mob. These are normally the animals that are the repeat offenders and continually defy, are badly behaved, aggressive, and get progressively worse behaved when handled or mustered.
How to handle Wapiti herds, how do they differ to Red Deer?
Handling Wapiti in the yards
Handling Wapiti fawning mobs and stags
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