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Reproductive disorders in hinds

There are a variety of reasons why hinds may fail to breed. The principal cause of failure is undoubtedly poor nutrition and low body condition score (BCS) (see Mating management of adults). However, there are a number of other reproductive disorders than can afflict individuals, but these only account for a small proportion of losses.

Effect of diseases on reproduction
Ovarian disorders
Uterine obstructions
Keeping good hind records

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Stewart-Scott, I.A., Pearce, P.D., Moore, G.H., Fennessy, P.F. (1990) Freemartinism in red deer (Cervus elaphus L.). Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 54: 58-59.

Information on A successful pregnancy: Preventing foetal losses is available in a convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheet (August 2017). Download your own copy here >>

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