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Shed design

The shed and yarding system on a deer farm must be designed and constructed to provide a safe and practical work environment for both animals and the operator. Deer are inherently flighty animals especially when stressed, and can become unpredictable when handled. It is therefore important that sheds, yards, and races are designed to eliminate the chance of injuries.

A great set-up will provide an efficient flow of deer from their paddock, through the race, yards and shed, allow them to undergo their various treatments and be back out grazing in the paddock in as little time as possible, without a fresh carpet of deer hair shed onto the floor.

Why is the shed design so important?
Legal requirements
Required minimum standards of a handling facility
Choosing a site for the shed
Shed's lead-in race
Yards and shed
Health and safety
Lighting and ventilation
Wall construction
Internal race design
Gates and hinges
Escape doors
Cat walks
Load out chute construction
Fallow deer: Fences and races

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