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Associated societies

Special interest groups are affiliated to the NZDFA

Elk and Wapiti Society of New Zealand

The society promotes the interests of Wapiti and North American Elk breeders. It has been successful in establishing marketing arrangements for venison and velvet from this type of animal. The society holds conferences, sales and field days and operates a registration scheme for animals which are blood typed as purebred. The society celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2017. For Founding Member Tony Pearse’s address to the society, celebrating the achievements and personalities of the first 30 years, click here >>

Contact details

President: Grant Hasse
Telephone: 027 224 5542
Email: ewsnz@ihug.co.nz

NZ Fallow Deer Society (in recess from 2020) 

The Fallow Deer Society was established to encourage, educate, and support the farming of Fallow Deer in New Zealand.

Correct terms for Fallow deer are:

  • Male: Buck
  • Female: Doe
  • Young deer: Fawn

Fallow deer come in a variety of different coat colours, including black, white, menil and common (brown with white or cream spotting). Less common are cream, sandy, sooty dun, blue roan, silver grey and dark dun.

There are now fewer farmers concentrating solely on Fallow than previously, but these farmers are passionate about the breed and its place in New Zealand. Improved Fallow husbandry, facilities and genetic selection have overcome the early farming problems with this breed.

Venison and trophy antlers are the mainstay of Fallow farmer’s income. The preservation of Mesopotamian genetics is an ongoing project for dedicated enthusiasts.

The Society went into recess in 2020 but many still farm this distinctive breed and further information on farming them can be found in sections of the Deer Hub. Key industry contacts are:

South Island Representative

Tony Roberts
432 Glenkenich Road
Merino Downs
Cell: 027 755 8446

Fallow breeders

Pinewood Deer Farm: Ian & Dianne Bristow

44 Crosland, RD1, Helensville, North Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: 09 420 2852

Top Deck Trophies: Tony & Michelle Roberts

Merino Downs
Ph: 027 755 8446

Matt Dalrymple Fallow Deer

111 Kellands Hill, RD4, Timaru
Ph: (03) 688 2199

Lex McKenzie Fallow Deer

120 Reids Line, Apiti, RD7, Fielding 4777
Ph: 06 328 4852

NZ Warnham and Woburn Society (in recess 2015)

The Society’s residual funds were donated for deer industry research purposes.

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