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A guide to farming Fallow Deer. It’s important to understand that these graceful animals can be shy and timid but can become paranoid and panicked at the slightest provocation.

  • Male Fallow Deer - Buck
  • Female Fallow Deer – Doe
  • Young Fallow Deer – Fawn

Mature Fallow bucks can reach a weight of 90-100kg and shoulder height of 85cm to a metre. Doe’s on the other hand are considerably lighter at between 35-45kg and a shoulder height of 70-85cm. Fawn birth weights are around 3-4.5kg.

Fallow deer come in a variety of different coat colours, ranging from black, white, menil and common (brown with white or cream spotting). Less common are cream, sandy, sooty dun, blue roan, silver grey and dark dun.

Fallow deer adapt to many different climatic/farming environments. Minimal intervention is required once the basics infrastructure is in place. The daily management of these hardy animals is fairly easy care with minimal handling requirements.

Yards / Handling Fallow Deer
Fences and Races
Breeding and Fawning
Feeding and shelter
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