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Regional Workshop - Quartz Hill Station - 27 October

"Increasing profit through better feeding". Come along and hear what the Canterbury Advance Party has been up to. Click here to register for this event 

The Path to 2020

Our work plans for the next five years have been finalised. Find out what this means for deer farmers and those who market our products

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Entries are now open for the 2017 Ballance Farm Environment Awards! What are you waiting for?

Deer Industry Conference 2016

Presentations and video from the 2016 Deer Industry Conference are available now.

Deer Industry News Issue 79

• Focused Farming event on summer and winter feeding
• Advance Party Workshop - Methven gathering enthused by success stories from AP groups

New Zealand Deer Industry Initiatives

  • Advance Parties

    Deer farmers finding new ways to lift profit.

  • NZ Venison

    NZ venison products, recipes and more

  • NZ Deer Velvet

    Learn more about NZ Velvet & Co-Products

  • DEERSelect

    Deer Select

    A genetic evaluation system to advance NZ deer herd genetics

  • P2P

    Transforming the New Zealand venison industry