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14 May 2021
  • Farmer VelTrak regos rolling in
  • Field test developed for deadly deer disease
  • Velvetting now included in the Animal Welfare Regulations
  • We’re on notice to get wintering right
  • Stags back in their own paddocks by now
  • Attend the NI Deer Expo in person or by Zoom
  • Don’t forget those Yersiniavax boosters
14 May 2021

The Deer Industry Conference in Invercargill is to be followed by a National Technical Workshop on Thursday 20 May. It has been designed to give farmers ideas they can potentially take home and apply on their farms.

14 May 2021

A rapid economic recovery in the United States may result in the revival in demand for venison that deer farmers have been waiting for. Pre-Covid inventory is moving through the pipeline and venison sales are already trending upward.

23 Apr 2021
  • Join us at the 2021 Deer Industry Conference
  • Give weaners priority
  • Green drought biting in some regions
  • Getting our heads around greenhouse gases
  • If you can’t get to Invercargill
  • Kaumatua of Deer Genetics dies
  • Competition for seats on the DINZ Board
  • New science and policy appointment at DINZ
  • Planting time for trees
  • Another Big Deer Tour