Deer Industry Environment Awards

Deer Industry Environment Awards

The DINZ Environmental Awards are convened every second year (2017, 2019, 2021 etc) and are part of the industry’s commitment to environmentally sustainable farmed deer production.

The awards’ primary goals are:  
  • To promote the adoption of sustainable deer farming practices on all deer farms.
  • To recognise innovative deer farmers for implementing and practising sustainable and profitable deer farming practices in land and deer systems management
  • To encourage sharing of experiences and proven best sustainable management practices and innovation through the resource of the NZ Deer Farmer's Landcare Manual 

Entrants to the awards are assessed based on their environmental performance, based on the principles detailed in the NZ Deer Farmer's Landcare Manual published by DINZ and the NZ Deer Farmers Association. The Manual was first published in 2004 and was re-published in 2012 and distributed to all deer farmers.

The DINZ-funded Elworthy Premier Award has a value of $2500 and comes with a commemorative plaque and a native tree. It is formally presented at the annual Deer Industry Conference. In addition, there is a wide range of merit awards.  

The awards were launched in 2001 at the initiative of one of the industry's founding fathers, the late Sir Peter Elworthy and his wife Fiona, Lady Elworthy. The Elworthy Premier Award recognises the importance of the industry’s environmental reputation and the responsibility of farmers to maintain and build that reputation. The promotion of the awards has played an important part in encouraging deer farmers to adopt sustainable farming systems and has highlighted the successes of innovative commercial farmers in overcoming the challenges involved.  

Entries are now closed for the 2021 Deer industry Environment Awards 

Deer farmers are encouraged to consider entering this year’s Deer Industry Environmental Awards.  To enter the awards and fill in the online entry form please click here

The awards are typically held every two years and recipients have spanned the full range of deer farm systems (e.g. South Island high country stations to venison finishing farms) and geographic spread (Southland to Waikato).

North Island farms seem to have had a stranglehold on the supreme Elworthy Award, with the last South Island farm taking out the honour in 2010. Is 2021 the year for the South Island to strike back?

New Zealand deer farmers in general have a track record of taking pride in their animals and environment and our previous award entrants are testament to the strong stewardship values in the industry.  This year more than ever your participation in the awards will demonstrate the industry’s ongoing commitment to sustainable farming and high quality food production.

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