Venison Processors Industry Agreed Standards

Venison Processors Industry Agreed Standards

Venison processors agree to inspections to confirm they are operating in manner that ensures the best quality meat.

Venison Processors Technical Committee (VPTC)
Venison Industry Agreed Standards are set by the VPTC which meets regularly to address issues of importance to the venison processing sector.

 Specific roles of the VPTC are to:

  • Discuss regulatory issues on common interest.
  • Provide feedback to Deer Industry New Zealand to assist them in developing and implementing the Industry Strategy.
  • Discuss technical and QA issues affecting processing and develop solutions.
  • Identify technical, market access, regulatory and customer issues requiring further research or other action.
  • Co-operate with the wider Industry (farmers, transporters and procurement agents) on issues affecting the development of the various sector Quality Assurance programmes.

To find out more about the VPTC contact the DINZ offices on 04 473 4500