DINZ Approved Standard Carcass Trim

DINZ Approved Standard Carcass Trim

The following companies have agreed to be subject to independent audit to confirm that hot carcass weights are being recorded based on the industry agreed Standard Carcass Trim, and these processor recorded weights for levy collection align with processor recorded weights for supplier payment.

Name of Venison Marketing Company:

  • Duncan New Zealand Ltd
  • Silver Fern Farms Ltd
  • Alliance Group Ltd
  • Mountain River Processors
  • Firstlight Foods


The Carcass Trim Audit does not cover individual company carcass grading systems. Processors remain free to assess the value of the carcass based on factors such as fat cover, conformation or any other quality criteria, and pay for the venison accordingly; however, these should be explained to suppliers.

It does not cover individual payment to suppliers. The system does not guarantee that the money an individual farmer receives is the correct amount for the animals delivered to the processor.

While DINZ takes care to ensure those plants accredited under the Deer Industry New Zealand Carcass Trim Compliant verification programme use the Industry Agreed Standard Carcass Trim for making payments to producers, any persons relying on DINZ’s accreditation do so at their own risk and DINZ accepts no liability whatsoever for any resulting loss (whether direct or indirect).