Producer Support

Producer Support

The Producer support team covers two key aspects of the Deer Industry

  1. Representing deer farmers' interests at the industry level and driving events and programmes that are coordinated by Deer Industry New Zealand.
  2. On behalf of the NZDFA, the Producer support team provides a link between the NZDFA branches nationwide, the Executive Commitee and all activities relating to NZDFA.

Such activities include:

  • Policy & Representation roles: NZDFA advocacy on all matters that affect deer farmers, e.g. internal policy management, government legislation, regional council regulations. For current submissions or regulatory changes click here
  • Advisory role: providing a deer farming perspective to participants in the primary sector, central and local government and other parties which can have an impact on deer farming in New Zealand
  • Coordination role: coordinating branch activities and assisting with facilitators and event programme development. In particular, coordination an annual Deer Industry Conference. For information on current Industry programmes click here
  • Communication role: face-to-face participation of industry events, distributing material to producers both electronically and hard copy including voting related documents through to a monthly e-newsletter StaglineOnline that is produced by the Producer support team.

To contact the Producer support team phone 04 471 6110 or alternatively email Tony Pearse (Producer Manager) on tony.pearse@deernz or Cenwynn Philip (Communications and Administration Advisor)

Representing the producer in talks with Industry and Government ensuring that deer industry participants are fairly represented and engaged in regulatory discussions
Actively engaging with deer farmers and community to run Industry activities, DFA field days, as well as electronic communication nationwide All activities are aimed at assisting in the goal of achieving the productivity mission of "More deer, Heavier, Earlier and Better"