Management for profit

Management for profit

The profitability of deer farming varies greatly from farm to farm, even between farms operating similar stocking policies in the same district. Lower profitability is usually the end result of lower productivity.

The Passion2Profit (P2P) strategy aims to help farmers improve their farming systems so they become more profitable and so the deer industry as a whole is more competitive with alternative land uses.

Fortunately, some leading farmers have successfully integrated the best scientific knowledge on deer feeding, animal health, and genetics into their farm systems. These farmers not only produce more venison and velvet per hectare, they also produce more young deer in the right weight range when it is wanted by the market, therefore capturing premium prices.

P2P taps this knowledge, as well as that of deer scientists, vets and management specialists, in a range of initiatives. In this section of the Deer Hub you will find useful tools, many of them developed as part of the P2P programme, for increasing the profitability of your deer farm.

You may also wish to go to the P2P Advance Party website to find out what other farmers around the country are doing to improve the profitability of their deer operations. 

A growing library of convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheets on ways to boost deer farm productivity and profit is being published as part of the P2P programme. 

-   Best practice mating management
-   Best practice management of pregnant hinds
-   Best practice weaning management
-   Growing weaners for the spring venison market
-   Setting reproduction targets

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Feed calculation tools

In addition to the tools listed below, check out the tools in the Feeding section of this website:

Feed calculation tools: For measuring and managing feed for deer.

Forage rotation planner: If a paddock needs replacing, use this forage planner as a guide to the options that are available.  

Body Condition Score (BCS) is a quick, visual, on-the-spot method for assessing the health, well-being and nutritional status of adult hinds.

See what are considered to be targets for good performance in the deer industry to provide a benchmark to match or better.

The adoption of standardised terms and definitions will go a long way in reducing confusion when it comes to reproductive figures and benchmarks within the industry.

Benefits of scanning your hinds to increase productivity and make better informed management decisions on farm.