Training Courses

Training Courses

Deer Industry New Zealand works closely with Primary ITO to offer deer courses for those that are interested in up-skilling themselves in deer farming.

Keen to study and know more about deer? Get on qualified on the job! Livestock husbandry, feeding, breeding and more! Primary ITO are offering FREE apprenticeships and training!

Full information can be found on the Primary ITO website page, including FAQ’s: >>

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Despite the challenges we all face, Primary ITO are continuing to support farmers with new ways to learn. By working with your Primary ITO Training Adviser from afar, they can proceed with:

• enrolling learners into new programmes 
• assessing and recognising learning 
• providing training resources. 

Google Classroom platforms have recently been set up to enable agricultural learners to progress with their training programmes over this time. These are accompanied by a virtual 90 minute session via the likes of ZOOM.

In order to access learning, you and your team will require internet connectivity – and Primary ITO would appreciate that you ask your team to individually fill out the following connectivity survey

If you have any questions, please call your Primary ITO Training Adviser directly, or call 0800 20 80 20 to be transferred. 


The current course being offered is:

New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry) (Deer) (Level 3)

This programme is suitable for those that have had some experience working with animals including at least 6 months on farm.

Learners must have the opportunity to assist on farm for an entire mating season, and assist with the care of young stock.

On completion of the course learners will be able to:

  • Understand reproductive processes and practices
  • Assist with livestock mating and mating management
  • Assist with fawning
  • Understand livestock selection and culling
  • Understand anatomy, physiology, behaviours and animal welfare obligations
  • Recognise, and assist with treatments of livestock health problems
  • Understand biosecurity relating to livestock
  • Assist with rearing fawns from birth until weaning or sale

The courses are run over 12 months with four 2-day blocks. To find out more information, check out Primary ITO's prospectus on their Sheep, Beef and Deer programmes >>

Course costs $750.

For more information about these courses contact Primary ITO and speak with Rachael Handy (Sector Manager - Sheep, Beef & Deer) on 0800 20 80 20 or email


Hannah Andrew – Landcorp (Pamu) Mararoa

“Since starting the course 12th June 2018 I have learned about the reproductive system, AI mating, some health signs to look for during conception and from only being in the industry less than a year it really has helped me to open my eyes and go more in depth with dee and see what would benefit my farm”.

Luke Clucas – Raincliff Station

“From first two sessions I have learnt a lot about the reproductive cycle of deer and a bit more about their gene’s.   liked going out to Deer Genetics to have a look through their shed and having a look at the systems they use to record all their info on their stags and hinds”

Upcoming events and deer courses will be posted to the Events page here >>