39th NZDFA AGM Remits

39th NZDFA AGM Remits

Five Remits were tabled at the AGM, the majority in the last week prior to conference so didn’t get much discussion time at branch meetings. 4 were passed unanimously and dealt with various aspects of producer concerns related to current venison returns and costs related to venison inspection charges and Cervena ownership, given the new P2P initiatives based on proposed joint Cervena re-positioning in new markets.

The following remits were passed unanimously after discussion. They raised producer concerns relating to the current level of venison returns, dependence predominately on the historical game trade and general, at the time of the AGM, a lack of any strong signals related to chilled trade indicative pricing and outlook. 

View full remits from 39th AGM here



1. Waipa Branch”:  Current slaughter policy and potential opportunities:

 “That the DFA in conjunction with DINZ and the Venison Processors/Exporters investigate all aspects of the current slaughter policy and market opportunities and report back with responses to the NZDFA within 6 months. This would include:-

1.            Optimum Killing Times

2.            Weight Ranges

3.            Price Differential between hinds and stags

4.            Method of Payment

5.            Customer Choice”

Moved   Leith Chick Waipa Branch      Seconded   Campbell Clarke   Carried


2. NZ Branch Chairmen. NZDFA Branch Chairs. Venison profitability, immediate concerns and initiatives

 “That The NZDFA request that DINZ as a matter of urgency, work with the venison processing and marketing companies,  in addition to the new P2P marketing development and  take active steps to quantify the progress made in addressing the current crisis of unsustainably low venison production returns and its impact on producer confidence. We ask that the progress be reported to the NZDFA on a formal 3 monthly basis”.  

Moved Richard Currie, seconded Mike Henriksen    Carried

Canterbury Branch  AGM  remit

3. Venison killing charges

“NZDFA seeks clarification from exporters of the meat inspection process charges, and endeavours to negotiate a meaningful reduction.

Moved: Clive Jermy       Seconded: Warwick Wright             Carried


4. Cervena Ownership and Marketing

 “That the NZDFA request that DINZ seek a review into the ownership structure of the Cervena Appellation/Brand.  That as part of this review, DINZ engage with producers to seek their views as to the future ownership structure of Cervena and its place in the market”.

Moved Corey Busch, seconded Mike Henriksen      Carried

The final remit from the Hawkes Bay  AGM related to the current charging and cost model  for Tb testing was lost, however there has been a commitment to take the intent of the remit  to the next TB free Deer industry working group meeting with the TbFree NZ executive  and discuss the issues  around funding. This will be a part of a wider discussion as the whole subject of industry sector shares and the funding formula  between Dairy NZ,  Beef and Lamb NZ  and the deer industry is also being discussed and evaluated as a funding model at present.  

The Remit read:

   Hawkes Bay.  AGM 14/05/2014

Investigation of an equitable Tb testing funding model.

“That The New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association investigates the revoking of the user pays process for TB testing and be funded by levies similar to the cattle industry”.

Moved Bill Symons, seconded Jeremy Deardon                         Lost

Executive  Committee:
Financial remits

There will be no change to the subscription levels that have remained the same for the past   6 years  at just on $100 incl of GST. The branch capitation fee will remain at $25/ head paid to branches in December. As part of this branches have been requested to provide an annual branch activities calendar  in a simple form so that members  and the regions will have  a well planned advance knowledge of up-coming activity and meetings  alongside the annual monthly calendar of focused farming fielddays  and other DINZ activity.

The 2014/15 budget was passed and operations are maintained at the same level as the last 2 previous years. A small surplus of $4000 post tax surplus was generated in part with reduced travel and expenditures, no election costs and a change to paperless annual reporting. A break even budget is planned. There is no increase in the honoraria for the Executive committee. However the meeting did discuss the need for prudent operation and effective representation to discuss have a subscription increase. This will be debated at the October branch chairs meeting in mid October.  Your views are sought. 

The DFA reserves have increased slightly to $115 000 and membership currently stands at 1459 for the 2013/14 year