Associated Societies

Associated Societies

A number of special interest groups are affiliated to the New Zealand Deer Farmers' Association

NZ Fallow Deer Society

Promoting the interests of Fallow farmers, the society has been successful in establishing marketing arrangements for Fallow venison through a national pool system. A Fallow forum is held annually and a newsletter is published six times a year.

Contact details:
President: Ian Bristow
Telephone: 027 497 9876
Fax: 09 420 2506

NZ Warnham and Woburn Society

The society promotes deer that are derived from Warnham & Woburn parks. The society operates a recording scheme and publishes a herd book, newsletters and leaflets. The society holds a conference annually.

Contact details:
Secretary: Harry Robinson
Telephone: 03 230 4962
Fax: 03 230 4962

Elk and Wapiti Society of New Zealand

The society promotes the interests of Wapiti and North American Elk breeders. It has been successful in establishing marketing arrangements for venison and velvet from this type of animal. The society holds conferences sales and field days annually and also operates a registration scheme for animals which are blood typed as purebred. The society publishes regular newsletters.   The society celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2017.  Click here for Founding Member Tony Pearse's address to the society, celebrating the achievements and personalities of the first 30 years.

Contact details:
President: Grant Hasse
Telephone: 027 224 5542
Secretary: Jade Hasse

Both the Shawnee and the Sioux revered elk, which they named wapiti for the distinctive white rump patch. Wapiti bulls were regarded spiritually and viewed by these tribes as the ghost kings of the high country and one of the most elusive and powerful creatures in North America.